The Designer

Cesare was born in Civitanova Marche, an area with a long history of shoemaking. His parents Cecilia and Giuseppe ran a family business producing handmade shoes and this was Cesare’s real home.

Even as young child, he “breathed” the aroma of leather hides, making sketches and prototypes and gaining mastery of his craft by learning from expert hands. After finishing his classical education, driven by the desire to refine his artistic talent and pursue his passion for music, Cesare took a bachelor’s degree at the renowned DAMS university in Bologna.

Following numerous trips all over the world, in 1980 Cesare released his first collection of shoes. The collection was immediately a huge success, paving the way for his long and extraordinary career as a fashion designer, and braking with the laws of the shoemaking business of the time. In 1990 he creates the first women collection, once again crossing the boundaries of his creative sensibility. Celebrities from all over the world, such as Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Bar Refaeli, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift, Sienna Miller, Miranda Kerr and many others, wanted his creations on their feet. This led to close friendships and exclusive collaborations with the stars.

Priceless heritage

In 1948 Giuseppe and Cecilia Paciotti founded a craft shoe-making business: their production was a classical and entirely hand-made. Their painstaking attention to details and uncomprimising selection of materials turned profession into passion for their children, Paola and Cesare. In 1980 the two siblings set up Paciotti S.p.A. and the first collection under the brand name Cesare Paciotti was born.

Home Collection

The finest materials define the finest of interiors. Prime leathers with bespoke treatments, often combined with soft fabrics and velvets provide a unique sensorial experience to the clean and unconventional design of the loose furniture.The best finishes and lacquers accent the essential lines in the furniture and joinery.